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The whole world will start talking about your products and services.
We adapt brand values in accordance with the culture of the country.

Business scaling requires increasing communication activities beyond the borders of one country. Communications with an international audience is a task for professionals. It requires knowledge of several languages and understanding different cultures, strong communication skills and experience in Project Management.

Finding and hiring an international PR manager is a costly affair. The hiring process can drag on for months and cost a lot. We recommend to delegate communication tasks to an agency that already has a pool of native speakers, contacts with journalists and bloggers, and developed KPIs to measure effectiveness of a PR campaign.

How we can help you:
  • We will analyze global media agenda and define core values
  • We will develop a PR-strategy
  • We will maintain social media accounts "on a turn-key basis"
  • We will create unique content for foreign blogs and media
  • We will create websites and landing pages
  • We will launch advertising campaign

    Who needs Global PR:
  • Startups scaling their business and testing products in different geographies
  • B2C and B2B companies to maintain reputation
  • B2B companies to maintain a positive image
  • Experts for self-positioning in new countries
  • Entrepreneurs to strengthen the confidence of foreign investors
Global PR with us
Why to hire us
We will create a Global PR-strategy for your brand
We will analyze information agenda in the desired geography and develop content recommendations in accordance with the local cultural values.
We will create unique content
We will create unique publications for blogs and business media in English, Spanish and French.
We will connect you with global media
We will constantly pitch international journalists from local blogs to Tier-1 media.
Tell us about your needs and we will find an appropriate solution
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